Hellbound Dolls #05 – “Going Platinum” (Part 5)


A full moon lit the sidewalk. Save for piles of trash the streets were empty.

What few occupied the midnight train scurried away from the platform like rats, while I swayed in the direction of home.

The wash of alcohol soaked into my veins and I was numb. Though Chiyoko’s face had been stripped away I could, at least for a while, pretend that nothing else existed; not even my mother, or the twenty seven messages she had left.

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Hellbound Dolls #04 – “Going Platinum” (Part 4)


Brushes dipped with meaning glided across my pores, stripping presumption while constructing her face; my face. Some called my womanhood artificial, but what did such descriptions matter when they were grafted with a soul?

I opened my eyes and straightened my blouse, skirt, and the bangs over my brow. For once the mirror spoke truth and presented a woman to be feared. The wolf had awoken from her slumber, and Chiyoko was reborn.

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Hellbound Dolls #03 – “Going Platinum” (Part 3)


The teacher scanned the classroom and set his eyes on me.

“Mr. Yamaguchi,” he hummed. “Please share your piece with the rest of the class.”

Our task was decidedly complex, or it would have been to most; choose a classical English text and to read a passage from it, then elaborate on the meaning. The other students were sweating, but I was not.

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Hellbound Dolls #02 – “Going Platinum” (Part 2)


The day was done, and so was I. The Hellbound Dolls returned to their corners, and I my own.

Fingers slipped under my fringe and curled around the band. Pulling back was like tearing away my skin, but the face underneath belonged to a stranger; less than that, it was a shadow projected on a screen.

A smear across my cheek melted humanity away. If paint had brought Chiyoko to life then stripping away the blush, gloss, and eyeliner would be her death. Who was I without her face?

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NEW STORY: The Hellbound Dolls

Ladies, gentlemen, distinguished readers, I give you the Hellbound Dolls.

Did I mention that I was taking a short break from Shimmer to write evil werewolf trans magical girls?

If I didn’t, well, you’re in for a treat!

WARNING to those who are more susceptible; Hellbound Dolls is decidedly more adult than other Shimmerverse content, and contains in-depth descriptions of gender dysphoria, slurs and street violence.

If any of those things don’t sit well, then this is not the story for you.

To everyone else, enjoy the ride.

Love and laughs,
Miranda Sparks

PS. Remember that you can still donate via PayPal and support the author!

Thank you!

Hellbound Dolls #01 – “Going Platinum” (Part 1)


We entered as a pack and splintered down the aisles; I went to the fridge, Ginny and Yumiko to the back, and Akane straight to the front armed with a frilly dress and glossy lips.

She stepped to the counter propped up on platforms half her height. She fluttered her lashes and giggled. “Hi,” she squeaked and leaned over. “I like your hair. Would you like to go on a date with me?”

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Where do we go from here?

Well ladies, gentlemen and distinguished readers, that brings us to the end of Glimmer Girl’s first adventure, and I’m sure you’re all hungry for more.

So, what comes next for our lady of light?

Firstly, expect Glimmer Girl in a team up story in the upcoming “Glimmer Girl Plus…” specials; in her first outing she teams with Bonfire, a special guest contribution to the Shimmerverse from artist Crystal Frasier.

Then, we take a small detour and travel to Japan for another story; the Hellbound Dolls.

Also be on the lookout for an upcoming Christmas special, in which Glimmer Girl meets Santa Claus… with a twist! (I know, I know; people keep promising that, but believe me, this one is a doozy.)

Then, who knows? There’s lots ahead, and it will be coming at you very, VERY soon.

Stay tuned, dear readers.

Love and laughs,
Miranda Sparks xo

Shimmer #30 – “Starlight, Star Bright…” (Part 30)

GlimmerGirlI’d only ever been to one funeral before; my Nana, on my Mom’s side of the family.

It was the first time I’d ever realized that life ended. You’d have thought the revelation would be shocking for a kid, but I was able to accept it; maybe because none of it felt real. The body in the box had her shape, but to me it looked like plastic, like it was a dummy.

Mr. Drew’s funeral was exactly the same. It wasn’t that he had passed; he was just somewhere else, and he was fine, even if he’d never come back. The emptiness was there, but I don’t know; it didn’t feel as final as it should.

Tanya and I went together, as had half of the senior class. It turns out Mr. Drew didn’t have much family to speak of, but he had a lot of friends, colleagues, and former students who cared enough to pay their respects.

My fists balled in my lap; I wished I had some kind of cherished memory to hold onto. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel like such an imposter.

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Shimmer #29 – “Starlight, Star Bright…” (Part 29)


It was 11:39 when I pried my eyes open; pm.

Tanya’s car had pulled to the curb, and my neck was stiff from sleeping upright. Still, there were worse things, like the million and one aches, scratches and bruises scattered across my body. Hopefully the long skirt and cardigan could hide them; there wasn’t enough energy in reserve for answering questions.

The engine sputtered and groaned to silence while Tanya and I sat. What was there to say? Words didn’t compare to the night we’d just lived through; no matter how many times I would tell the story it wouldn’t cover the danger, the confusion, or worst of all the uncertainty of what would come the next day.

Was this the way things were going to be from then on?

Tanya leaned forward and rested her head on the steering wheel. “Are you okay?” she whispered. She knew the answer, of course, but you know how it is; sometimes you need to say things out loud.

“I guess so, yeah. You?”

She nodded. Her body collapsed back into the driver seat and she sighed.

My eyes were over by the front door of my home, or what remained of it. The lights were on and there was movement behind the living room curtain; thank the gods my parents were okay. No doubt I’d get inside and they’d tell me all about what happened, as though I hadn’t been there.

“Go on,” Tanya urged. “I’ll text you in the morning. We can do something real chill as a reward for saving the city; maybe go see a movie if there’s anything good on.”

I smiled and gave a nod. Tomorrow; gods, I had no idea what tomorrows even looked like anymore.

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Shimmer #28 – “Starlight, Star Bright…” (Part 28)


Dr. Vortex stood before me, though was also a million miles away. With every charge he slipped through my fingers, like an eel running down a pipe, leaving me grasping at air, or worse, setting my blasts to fly in stray directions.

He wasn’t doing much better. With only one arm of his suit still active he had his hands full trying to keep me, the light speed girl, at bay. Every time he closed his palm the world would blink with it, and the chasm dividing us was renewed; each time it grew smaller, inch by inch, and would until his jaw met my inevitable fist, or that was the plan.

I needed a way to take control, but how?

“Give up now,” he jeered between jumps. “How long can you keep this up? Twenty minutes, maybe an hour? In time your focus will wane and you’ll be exhausted; meanwhile I’ll be able to carry on. I could do this all day!”

I tried not to listen. He was trying to get under my skin; that, or he just loved the sound of his own voice, which seemed weird for a guy who sold himself as a pragmatist. Next he’d break out into his ‘new universe’ spiel to sell the gospel according to Ted. Gods, I needed to stop him, if only to be spared from that.

Screw it. Time to invent a Plan B; anything would do.

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