Glimmer Girl #02 – “All that Glimmers” (Part 2)

Mirrors aren’t known to be forgiving, but with some effort they can warm to you. I laid out my brush and straightener, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, and lip gloss; they were but a handful of tools required to scrub the ‘boy’ away.

It was by luck and her Mom’s difficulty with stairs that Tanya landed the master bedroom, complete with walk-in closet and bathroom ensuite. The running joke was she had more space than she could use, and no incentive to leave for college. For a high school girl and her not-cisgender friend, however, it was the ideal refuge.

An hour and a half over the vanity only saw the start of the transformation; only halfway to girl with some encouragement. Maybe it was his face burned into my retinas, or his dimensions spread across my shoulders, but it seemed nothing could remove the nightmare living in my skin.

Tanya’s reflection smiled from the bed. “You look great.”

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