Hellbound Dolls #20.5 – “Emerald Nightmare” (Epilogue)


Fingers tensed, pulled tendons like steel wires and released. My arm was still flesh, but not human; then again, did it matter?

The city was bright as bright could be, swirling with each of the senses. Scents of the street prickled against goose pimples as the light of Tokyo Tower danced on my tongue; while the hustle and bustle, panic and pain climbed the corners of my skull and skated the blade of realization. Humanity, nature and industry carried across the water and bent to my awareness.

“It’s so…”

Words caught on my tongue. None could describe the experience.

The Platinum Doll… Chiyoko, smiled and nodded. Until that point her expression had been forced; her celebration of my transcendence a point of pride more than of happiness.


Fists struck invisible targets, whipping gusts in miniature. Woe betide whatever, whoever they landed against.

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Hellbound Dolls #17 – “Emerald Nightmare” (Part 4)


I stood in the shadows, back to a pillar, and listened. The Hellbound Dolls had assembled, just as they did most other nights by the restless water. This time, however, their tone was serious.

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

It was the heavy one with the English name; the one most ravaged by the poison hormone, the one whose frame could match the width of two others. The fact likely fed her fountain of rage.

Yamaguchi sighed, loud enough to be heard by all. “Don’t think I would take this from you,” he reasoned, “but there’s more to this than even I know. The last thing I want to do is lead you to danger.”

“What kind of danger?” Saito, the one they called Yumiko, pressed.

Silence. Shifting of gravel.

“I don’t know,” Yamaguchi hummed.

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Hellbound Dolls #12 – “Going Platinum” (Part 12)


It seemed reasonable to assume the other dolls had left for their homes, but they hadn’t. When I returned they were staring into a drum, nursing cigarettes, and studying the dance of flames over a half-filled bottle of whiskey. It had likely gone around the group for several rounds.

Akane was first to lift her head. “Chiyoko.” She and Yumiko were on their feet while Ginny stayed married to the fire.

The strands of silver had faded into black, and I’d replaced them with a blonde wig. Every muscle dragged as I rejoined the group, huddled in a jacket that had been shredded. Was this the cost of becoming the Platinum Doll?

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Hellbound Dolls #09 – “Going Platinum” (Part 9)


Ryunosuke was in over his head. How long had it been since he’d been minted into the Black Soul Angels? A month, maybe two; that was why I didn’t know his face. Regardless, he’d cast his lot with our enemies, and there he was, begging for his life.

“Please, you have to help me!”

He was on hands and knees, casting his gaze down and trembling. Did he know what he was asking?

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Hellbound Dolls #08 – “Going Platinum” (Part 8)


Day waned into evening, and reasons to doubt the night before were growing few.

Grenier was real, and so was the Platinum Doll; more than that, so was the beating I’d been given. Transforming into a supernatural woman was no dream, and neither was the piss stained uniform the Black Soul Angels had left me to die in.

One way or another, they were going to pay.

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Hellbound Dolls #04 – “Going Platinum” (Part 4)


Brushes dipped with meaning glided across my pores, stripping presumption while constructing her face; my face. Some called my womanhood artificial, but what did such descriptions matter when they were grafted with a soul?

I opened my eyes and straightened my blouse, skirt, and the bangs over my brow. For once the mirror spoke truth and presented a woman to be feared. The wolf had awoken from her slumber, and Chiyoko was reborn.

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Hellbound Dolls #01 – “Going Platinum” (Part 1)


We entered as a pack and splintered down the aisles; I went to the fridge, Ginny and Yumiko to the back, and Akane straight to the front armed with a frilly dress and glossy lips.

She stepped to the counter propped up on platforms half her height. She fluttered her lashes and giggled. “Hi,” she squeaked and leaned over. “I like your hair. Would you like to go on a date with me?”

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