The Who’s Who

So, you want to know who’s in this story…

Glimmer Girl/Kaira Cade

That would be me, your daring protagonist. When I’m not being an awesome superhero saving Milestone City I’m Kaira Cade, just another girl surviving the soul-crushing gauntlet that is my senior year of high school. I’d say I’m ‘average’, but when you’re trans people are quick to remind you that you’re anything but, and not in the good way. Even though I’ve been a girl all my life I’m still pretty new at being open about it, which puts you in some pretty tricky situations. Seriously, fighting bad guys and getting punched in the face is a lesser kind of torture.


Tanya Truman

Am I gushing too much if I say that she’s the superhero and not me? She’s been my best friend since pre-school and stood up for me more times than I can count. Tanya was there long before I had any kind of spine, watched over me when I was being picked on, and extracted sweet revenge for the times thugs like Adrian Dempsey threw my lunchbox in the trash. I’m lost without her, and am sad that I’m not gay enough to actually marry her. (Damn, I wish I was gay. With her I’d be so lucky…)


Adrian Dempsey

Freaking loser douchebag of the very worst kind; the less said about this guy, the better. Oh, this is a profile page? Fine. Adrian Dempsey is the same thug who’s been kicking the crap out of me since the first day of elementary. Gods know how he gets away with it; gods know how we keep winding up at the same school together! The years haven’t softened him out, either. He got bigger, taller, meaner, and since he made basketball star with an upcoming college scholarship he acts like he owns the world. You could say that he was my very first arch-nemesis. Too bad I can’t blast his jerk face.


Dr. Vortex

There are bad guys, there are worse guys, and there are guys so nasty that they defy all description. I don’t like calling people ‘crazy’ because that’s rude and terrible, but nobody’s game to tell Dr. Vortex he’s a few cards short of a deck. Couple that reality warping powers and an obsession for all things Glimmer Girl… (something weird to do with cosmic omniscience that almost makes me wish it were just a creepy old pervert thing) …and you have a deadly cocktail young supeheroines should stay clear of. Seriously, though; this guy is after me for no reason. They say that heroes create their own nemeses, but I didn’t! Can somebody really tell me what the deal is here?

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