The Author

Miranda Sparks


Oh, you want to know more about Miranda Sparks? Yeah, she’s pretty cool, I guess. She is sort of an abstract deity in this universe, after all.

There’s a lot to tell, but the parts she’s willing to share with the internet involve her being a psychology student and loving superheroes since she was a little kid. She’s a transgender lady who has been openly herself since slightly after the Shimmerverse was born and writing characters like herself is a special kind of cathartic for her.

Want more? Er, she doesn’t like tea or coffee so much as she does hot chocolate, and she’s allergic to eggplant. Wonder Woman is a great source of inspiration for her, as is Jenny Sparks of the Authority from whom she took her last name. (Hey, I’m a fictional character myself; who am I to judge?) Her first name was given to her by a friend who named her after the character from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and next to those in her circle she considers it the greatest gift she’s ever received.

When Miranda’s not sinking her time into Shimmer or study she’s mostly writing superhero fanfiction, raging about transmisogyny, transphobia and cisgender supremacy on the internet, and seeks to fulfill her lifelong dream of being part of a great big loving pile filled with smart, funny, beautiful women.

There’s also the crappy garage band she wants to start, but time will tell if anything comes of that.

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