Hellbound Dolls #20.5 – “Emerald Nightmare” (Epilogue)

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Fingers tensed, pulled tendons like steel wires and released. My arm was still flesh, but not human; then again, did it matter?

The city was bright as bright could be, swirling with each of the senses. Scents of the street prickled against goose pimples as the light of Tokyo Tower danced on my tongue; while the hustle and bustle, panic and pain climbed the corners of my skull and skated the blade of realization. Humanity, nature and industry carried across the water and bent to my awareness.

“It’s so…”

Words caught on my tongue. None could describe the experience.

The Platinum Doll… Chiyoko, smiled and nodded. Until that point her expression had been forced; her celebration of my transcendence a point of pride more than of happiness.


Fists struck invisible targets, whipping gusts in miniature. Woe betide whatever, whoever they landed against.

Akane grinned wide eyed and clasped her temples. “That’s so cool! You’re so strong now, Ginny! Maybe even stronger than Chiyoko!”

I laughed and shied away. “Maybe not that strong…”

“Don’t underestimate your abilities,” Chiyoko said. “You took down that monster with half the effort I used. You were built for this sort of thing, Ginny.”

The smile dwindled, and I slumped. Chiyoko and I were the same height, towering above the others; but even against her I was wide. Biceps toned to peak fitness, stripped of all their fat, failed to give another aspect of my womanhood.

Chiyoko’s eyes softened as she reached for me. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, fine,” I lied. She wasn’t buying it, and neither was Akane or Yumiko. “I thought it would make me smaller.”

Silence. What could they say?

Yumiko cleared her throat. “I… think you’re beautiful, Ginny.”

Akane bounced. “Yeah, and maybe your final form will be different! Not that it matters, because you’re still a badass. You’re like one of those foreign girls the guys fall for!”

The Platinum Doll flexed her grip and lifted her eyes. “This isn’t the end, Ginny. Things will be different when we’ve fulfilled our contracts. I’m sure of it. Amber Doll is only a step; not the end of the road.”

I grinned. Say what you will about the Hellbound Dolls, but they were the best friends you could ever ask for.

Rolling fingers cracked my knuckles as I threw the blonde curls from my face.

“Everything’s going to be different now,” I told them. “Good.”

To be continued in Hellbound Dolls Vol. 3: “Cast in Amber”


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  1. Hi, i’ve been following your new story. Not exactly my cup of tea but i think i’m going to keep reading and see if it grows on me. I’m looking forward to learning more about the other HBD’s. Mind if i ask a question? Why the darker tone? ( darker when compared to mahou shoujo stoiries and shimmer, i mean)

    • Hey, thanks for reading!

      I don’t know if I can say why it took a dark tone, other than to say that it was how the story gestated. While Shimmer is more a power fantasy for a trans girl, HBD is the flipside of that, acknowledging some of the more horrific aspects of our lives. The fact that it took a magical girl theme is more coincidence than anything.

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