Hellbound Dolls #13 – “Emerald Nightmare” (Prelude)

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The curtains were drawn and the door barricaded; the room was empty and so was I, and we both stood, waiting. Like the uniform I wore the space held only the ruse of Yamaguchi Genkai, and not the spirit.

In my hand was a lock, cold and inert in spite of its contents. It burned against touch. Every crack, every crevice in the sculpted metal pricked my flesh like sparks. Sometimes it sent blood surging through my veins, like a second heart that rested in my pocket.

I slipped the key inside and turned.


Licks of silver poured from the keyhole and bathed the room in their light. By the dozens they rolled over my flesh, saturating my pores, seeping into my bones, and changing them into something else. Strands of hair ran down my back as my clothing came to life and took new shape.

When it was done and the glow had paled I turned to the mirror. It was the first opportunity I’d had to see her; the Platinum Doll, the demon come to life when manhood was banished.

A hand reached to the mirror, and as a reflection should she echoed my movements. There was no denying her beauty, but it was another matter to connect her with myself. How could she and I be the same?

My expression was fixed. Slowly I pulled at the bow adorning her uniform and freed it from the collar. Then, still wearing the same grimace, I popped the buttons of her blouse from top to bottom.

Night air kissed my neck as it fell open, and sizzled like ocean waves rolling over flame. My skin and hers pricked with hairs standing on end, shivering with electricity, with as fine sensation as ever could be experienced.

The garments fell to the floor and I stood transfixed on her breasts; my breasts. After removing my bra I reached to the mound, tentatively, like one would petting a beast in the wild. It was as real as anything I could have imagined; its softness, and its weight were entirely familiar, as though they had always been there.

Perhaps, I reasoned, my mind had matured before my body, and anticipated this change.

My hands delved further, and released the clasp of my skirt. What would I find beneath it? I stared down in the mirror, and dared not look away.

The transformation was not as complete as one would have hoped. Perhaps this was incentive.

Teeth ground and fists clenched. Were I not a being of incomparable strength I would have struck the wall, but for the time I had to swallow it, and did. Combing over the rest of my femininity eased the chokehold on my breath; they were only the first changes, and for the moment they were enough.

Light faded into shadow, and though Platinum Doll had vanished I did not have to face Genkai; at least until the morning. In darkness and in sleep the mask, along with the demons that dwelt beneath it, could be put away.

“One thousand evil spirits,” I whispered; in exchange for, as Grenier would say, ‘the womanhood you so crave.’

The nights to come would be busy indeed.

To be continued…

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