Hellbound Dolls #12.5 – “Going Platinum” (Epilogue)

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Quiet yet confident, furious and enigmatic; even from afar one could see Yamaguchi Genkai would not go down without a fight. How would finesse fare against her brawling technique? Myriad outcomes danced in the eye of my mind.

My dagger kissed the stone, ground the edge of the blade and agreed; whatever took place I would be the victor. Fate would not forgive me otherwise.

A wind blowing through Tokyo Tower announced the arrival of a spirit. Even before I caught his scent I knew he was coming.

“You made them the same offer, didn’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

Grenier stepped to the ledge and peered to the moon. Embers lit the backdrop in the distance; the remains of battle, the kind Tokyo had managed to hush until now.

“Did you tell them the conditions of their contract?” I asked.

“I did.”

“In full?”

Nobody spoke save my blade. It sung for its supper, but knew to be patient. I wondered if I could be the same.

“It is not information they need right now,” Grenier hummed. “Such knowledge would only get in the way of my mission, as well you know.”

“Because,” I continued, “my knowing was an accident.”

He nodded, and fixed his gaze on me. Perhaps it was meant to be intimidating, but I had played this game long enough to be smarter than that.

“Do not interfere with the Platinum Doll or her friends,” the wolf said.

“You don’t give me orders,” I spat. “We have a deal.”


My fist caused an echo as it struck steel. “Use the name you gave me, spirit.”

Grenier gave pause and sat. “Emerald Doll,” he hummed.

A smile betrayed me. It was a name of which I’d surely never tire.

“I have a mission, and I will carry it out as I see fit,” I told him. “Anything else you will have to learn to live with.”

The wolf groaned and stepped back into smoke. “I can see you will not be convinced,” he concluded.

I returned to sharpening my blade. The path in front of me was clear.

To be continued in Hellbound Dolls Vol. 2: “Emerald Nightmare”


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