Hellbound Dolls #11 – “Going Platinum” (Part 11)

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The monster flexed and pried the wound further. Its skin made mince of my insides, grinding a serrated coat further into the gore.

How could I have been so careless? The Black Soul Angels weren’t zombies at all; they were puppets! Every second wasted I looked past the multi-limbed creature playing them.

Ryunosuke was screaming. I wanted for him to shut his mouth, but words were drowning in the river pouring from my lips.

Shots fired and flames roared, yet the hairs of my arm prickled like they did on the coldest night.

Then I realized as I should have before; I was dying.


It was easy to give in; death is not as foreboding as many think. In fact it was a relief not having to carry myself anymore. I fell to the ground, striking with the force of gravity, yet didn’t feel a thing. There one could almost… rest…

“Is that your plan,” the voice chided, “to lay there and bleed, pretending you’re a mortal?”

Through the ringing and the haze it was like a trumpet blaring, the one clear note in a fading symphony. The voice did not belong to me, though it roared from the back of my thoughts.


The wolf padded through the blur and lingered. He was not part of the world around; was he a dream? Or, perhaps more accurately, the world was a dream that he had stepped out of.

“You are not human, Platinum Doll,” he hummed. “Will yourself to stand and collect your prize. One thousand evil spirits for the womanhood you so crave; you have been given powers from beyond, and you shall not be allowed to die.”

He was right, of course. What did impaling mean to the creature I had become? My limbs had dropped; all I had to do was reach and pick them up, which I did. Lifting them again was as simple as falling, as was closing the wound from where I’d been run through.

Sounds, sights and senses sharpened as the wails leapt in volume. Save for the blood it was as though I had never come to harm. The only irritant that remained was the spirit whose tendrils whipped through the scenery, making short work of the barricade designed to contain it.

Ryunosuke fell to his knees and trembled. What did he take me for; a goddess? Perhaps, I smiled, that was a close enough comparison.

He gasped as he dropped his eyes. “Chi-Chiyoko!”

I clicked my tongue and huffed. “How many times do I have to tell you?” I spat. “My name…” I turned to the monster and drew my blade; “…is Platinum Doll!”

The devil squid turned on me, lashing out with a vortex of limbs ready to snatch my soul into its beak. A long swipe of my blade said otherwise, making calamary from the storm in a cloud of stench that I wouldn’t soon forget.

Fumes burned with the buildings, and with my hatred, as I launched toward its maw and climbed a million searing touches. Was this the face of evil? Malice untainted by reason, flung into the world to kill without consideration; only hunger for destruction.

“You can go back to the Devil… and tell him to stay in his own kingdom,” I growled, “because this Hell… belongs to the Dolls!”

The blade shifted in my palm, reaching deeper as it plunged into the monster’s eye, and evolved into a spear. An ocean of darkness spewed from the entry point, coughing with new depths of foulness every inch the weapon penetrated. How far would it take to strike its brain; it’s heart?

Suddenly the beast jerked, and its flesh melted away into heavy pools before fading into vapor. By instinct the particles were enslaved to me, and I was a channel where the blood of Heaven opened to the world in a tornado of clouds.

My hand shot up, offering this thing to whatever powers that be. “King Yenma! Take this evil spirit, the first of a thousand, and banish it from this world!”

The spirit ran into the vortex, and when it was done the sky was restored. Save for the fire and carnage, all was as at peace.

Ryunosuke shook. Did he not believe what he had just seen?

“Hold it right there!”

A dozen clicks from as many weapons threatened to put us down, if they were able. Stupid police; they were still panicked, still fighting for some kind of control.

I turned to them and smiled, raised my hand and offered them two fingers. “V for victory,” I chirped.

“Don’t move!” one of them barked.

I turned my fingers and grinned. “Not gonna happen, assholes!”

Before they pulled on their triggers I was in motion with Ryunosuke thrown over my shoulder. No more fires, no more battles, no more evil spirits for the night. A bunch of cops weren’t going to spoil my first win in the fight for my wish.

“Where are we…?”

I hushed the boy in my arms and continued to glide.

To be continued…

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