The Best is Yet to Come

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Well, the first arc of Shimmer is soon coming to a close, and Kaira Cade’s adventures as Glimmer Girl are just beginning; so what comes next for our heroine?

First I’m pleased to announce that she’ll be starring in a mini-series with chapters released between arcs called “Glimmer Girl Plus.” Each story will see Glimmer Girl team-up with another hero in the ever expanding Shimmerverse.

In her first team-up adventure Glimmer Girl meets Bonfire, a student at the Apex Institute, a school for superheroes in training, featuring characters and concepts developed and contributed by my dear friend, author/artist Crystal Frasier! (Can you feel my excitement?)

Then, while Shimmer takes a short break we’ll indulge in another tale; this time set in modern day Tokyo where a gang known as the Hellbound Dolls face otherworldly monsters, are approached by a werewolf, and are made an offer they can’t refuse. Magical girls, werewolves and youma abound in a story reserved for mature audiences.

Soon after Shimmer returns with the second story arc “Outside In”; the Milestone City Police don’t want a teenage superhero interfering with their job, but when an altercation with a super-powered mob enforcer complicates matters, can her involvement really be avoided? Matters are further complicated when Glimmer Girl becomes trapped in a life she was hoping to avoid.

Much hijinx ahead, folks. Don’t miss it!

Love and laughs,
Miranda Sparks

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    • Honestly, it had only been a vague thought until now, but since you’ve shown interest it may very well be something I chase up once the arc has concluded.

      I’ll definitely put it on my immediately to-do list.

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