Shimmer – Valentine’s Day Special 2015 – “A Date to Remember”

Part One

The day has come; February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Are you nervous?

You remember going down to the newsstand and seeing the cover; “Win a Date with Glimmer Girl.” Beside the caption was a photo of the hero, dressed in her usual orange and gold, hands on hips and smiling into the fourth wall, at you.

Something in your chest stirred. The idea that you could sit with a real life superhero, let alone Glimmer Girl, was laughable at best; and yet you couldn’t resist picking up the magazine.

Scouring the insides you sought out the details. Proceeds go toward a free youth counselling service right in the heart of Milestone City, the competition was open to anyone under twenty, like you, and it was open to all genders.

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Shimmer – Christmas Special 2014 – “The Krampus is Coming to Town”

Shimmer ChristmasPart 1

Do you want to hear a story?

It’s a very special story, so you have to promise not to tell anyone.

Do you promise?

Okay, I’ll tell you.

My name is Kaira. I’m six years old, my favourite color is green, my favorite food is pizza, and bunny rabbits are the best, even if my Mommy won’t let me keep one.

Sometimes I’m also a superhero called ‘Glimmer Girl’, and I rescue people.

One time I rescued Santa. That’s what this story is about! (Shhh, but don’t tell!)

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Shimmer – Halloween Special 2014 – “Cracks in the Mirror”

Part One

You’re never too old for trick or treating, but having a sister in grade school helps.

Angie shuffled with the other kids, knocking her pumpkin bucket with each step. She explained to the old woman at the door the meaning of the princess gown, silver skin and clothes hanger antenna, received her treats and clunked back to where I was waiting by the sidewalk.

“What did you get, kid?”

“She was giving out whole candy bars,” she beamed. “Not just the fun size ones; big ones!”

“Real candy bars?” I echoed. “Damn, you’re getting spoiled!”

We looked to make sure the traffic was clear, but there was nothing save kids and their parents. Most of them were wearing costumes off the rack; some weren’t even trying at all (especially the adults).

“Come on. Let’s try the houses across the street.” I held out my appendage for her.

Angie squealed and flew back. “Tanny!”

“If you don’t want to hold my tentacle then you need to get on my other side,” I teased.

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