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By request there’s been a ‘donate’ button added to the site.


(There’s also one in the column there to the right.)

So, if you’d like to support the Shimmerverse fell free to throw something our way. Remember, money is just one way to keep the love going; fanfic and fan art are also welcome.

Donations will be going primarily to help pay for website costs, then to support a struggling university student with her transition and keeping food in her mouth, as well as helping with her girlfriend’s immigration to Australia.

Thank you all for being so wonderful, and here’s to more material coming out soon!

Love and laughs,
Miranda Sparks

Welcome to the Shimmerverse!

Ladies, gentlemen and distinguished guests,

As the title says, welcome to the Shimmerverse; home to the superheroes written by myself, Miranda Sparks, possibly guest contributors also, and several other stories I’ll be churning out sometime between here and forever. Non-superhero material making it’s way onto this site is a possibility, because let’s face it, even non-superhero stories take place in a world where superheroes exist, and they’re just as worthy of being told.

So, what’s Shimmer all about? Let me show you.


This is Glimmer Girl, and she’s my hero.

Kaira Cade is a seventeen year old trans girl just on the verge of opening up to the world. The chances for her to just go out and ‘be a girl’ seem few and far between, and her everyday ‘boy’ identity is different enough that she’s the target for bullying and harassment. Suddenly she gets superpowers, becomes Glimmer Girl, and with that she is granted the kind of escapism she needs to find her own dignity and strength. Now she’s juggling a different kind of hidden self, and nothing is the same for anyone again. Most of what I post on this site will be her story.

I started writing the character six years ago as part of my web serial when I was in the beginning stages of transitioning from one gender presentation to another, mostly as a mechanism for self-empowerment, and over time she’s grown just as much as I have. This is a big part of why I rebooted her a few times, much to the chagrin of my readers; because when I changed so did she, and the perspective of the story was missing truths that I hadn’t realized at the time. (Also, when I first started writing her I didn’t know how to be ‘strong’ yet, and it’s wrong to me that she should ever be as apologetic as I was.)

Since I was a child I needed a character just like her to exist, as did some others, and now she does. The wonders of the internet, huh? I hope you get a lot out of Shimmer as it unfolds, as it has been my baby nursed lovingly for half of my adult life. Let’s walk together as Kaira starts her journey toward heroism and self.

Take care, dear reader.

Love and laughs,
Miranda Sparks xo